Sussex Inter League Record Team Score    
24th April 2006   The Stadium Tavern, Hove   * denotes break  
Brighton A       Worthing A  
Chris Tupper * 9,840 v 4,830 Neil Higgins  
Richard Wooton 11,260 v 4,600 Barry Holt *  
Steve Mariner 8,570 v 8,250 Martin Smith *  
Jim Millward * 16,700 v 3,630 Roger Taylor  
Mark James 21,040 v 1,150 Charlie Cooper *  
Chris Reeves 14,990 v 4,180 Tony Lewis  
Nigel Senior * 25,330 v 0 Alan Messer  
7 107,730   26,640 0  
Report from Steve Mariner        
A thumping defeat for Worthing A, although the scores could and perhaps should have
been closer.  Tupps came off early in leg 1 and Neil had chances, Martin was also  
unlucky missing when he was 3,200 ahead with 3 minutes left, just enough time for   
Steve to fall over the line.  The rest were butchered.    
Sussex Record Team Score (5-a-side)      
3rd January 2001   The Stadium Tavern, Hove   * denotes break  
Stadium C       Dyke Tavern B  
Jim Millward 18,680 v 1,360 Neil Higgins  
Steve Mariner * 21,640 v 100 Barry Holt *  
Sue Mariner 17,070 v 1,160 Martin Smith *  
Mark James * 22,140 v 0 Roger Taylor  
Stuart Mepham 13,030 v 2,650 Charlie Cooper *  
5 92,560 v 5,270 0  
Report from Steve Mariner        
This equates to 18,512 per player giving away 3 breaks to the Brighton Premier   
Division Champions at that time and is a record that may take some beating.  However
both Jim Millward and Steve touched up when they had enough due to the importance
of the match so the final score could have been higher.    
Sussex Record Team Score Away (5-a-side)    
8th February 2001   The Warren Club, Worthing   * denotes break  
Stadium A       Legion  
Ian Lelliott 16,240 v 700 G Fallowfield *  
Mark James * 20,250 v 100 D Catchpole  
Tony Lewis 13,370 v 820 P Kelly *  
Jim Millward * 21,300 v 0 J O'Leary  
Martin Smith 8,950 v 4,060 M Mason  
5 80,110 v 5,680 0  
Report from Steve Mariner        
  In the Worthing league this season it was decided to play matches Home games, Away games and neutral venues. This was one of the neutral matches. The toss of the coin decided which team would receive breaks 1, 3 &  5. The Stadium had 2 & 4. Mark James was again the pace-maker for Jim as he ran out his leg with 20,250, his first 20K break away from the Stadium, and the highest break in the league, for a while! Then Jim came on 4th and ran out the table for 21,300 for the highest ever away break in the league. 80,110 sets the highest away score by a 5 man team in Sussex.

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